This week, I wanted to experiment on pixel art visual effect. I was looking for a way to quickly make « juicy » title screens or scene transition effects for my game. I was amazed when I discovered the work of TRASEVOL_DOG and I spent some time adapting his works. All the credit is his, I’ve mostly adapted his explanations to make it work on Unity.

Here is the result:

And here is the original explanations on how to achieve this.

I don’t see the time flowing when I’m hacking on this, I could spend days doing it, but I have to stop, my main video game project wants to see the light.

The very enjoyable thing is that when you understand how to do these effects it become pretty easy to implement. Also, for each technique you discover, you can combine it with the previous ones to achieve more and more effects. I ended up to build many little components I can quickly add to my scenes to make these effects in a few minutes, which is a good way to make a pleasing title screen at a game jam event.

Thank you for reading and tell me in the comments if you would be happy to have some tutorial blog posts explaining how to implement this on Unity.